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I was first skeptical of calling at first. My first call was amazing because she quickly zero in on my situation she not only reads my energy well she can read others just as well. Amirah has empathy for my situation and feels more like a long lost sister than a life coach. There was a point where I was at my lowest in life just recently but she helped pulled me thru it with patience and just showing that she really does care. I could talk to her every day. I highly recommend her services.-Rena May

I didn't go into my first reading with skepticism because I know there are people blessed with keen insight and having known Amirah previously, I trusted her, but the reading left me with a lot of questions. I didn't understand how it fit into my situation that I was in at that moment. So, I kept the information in the back of my mind. As different things started to transpire in my life months later, just about everything that she told me started to make sense. Things were coming into fruition that aligned with what she saw during that earlier reading. Once I realized this, the advice that she gave me helped me to maneuver and make better decisions that are changing my life for the better. She is truly blessed and talented. She also has great products. I'm definitely satisfied with her services and will be a long time supporter. -Shalonda Robinson

I am blessed to have a life coach like Sister Amirah. She has helped me professionally and personally. She is dedicated to her craft day and night and is resilient to seeing and pulling out the best in a person.- JESSICA COOPER

"When I first came to you I was lost & confused. I had so much going on and didn't know which way to go. But I decided to take a chance and I'm so glad I did. I was very impressed with the reading you gave me. The accuracy of the information was on point. I have benefited tremendously from your help. Because of you, I was able to move forward in the right direction in my life. Your work is remarkable! Thank you so much. - Chantel

My experience with life coach sister amirah was very professional and personal and very private .. she was urgent to my needs and concerns... the readings she gave me were very very Accurate and on time! I WILL CONTINUE MY LIFE COACHING WITH SISTER AMIRAH BECAUSE SHE IS VERY CARING AND DEDICATED TO WHAT SHE DOES ...-Sincerely Mrs. Blackness

The advice was priceless! - Terri V.




JUST Had A READING DONE BY SIS Amirah Sankofa Kweli it was on point Gave me confirmation of a dream I Had 2 months ago Thanks sista I Appreciate the read One Love-Ansar 

I was one of the lucky few who received a reading smile emoticon my personal experience with Amirah Sankofa Kweli was mesmerizing, to say the least smile emoticon you can feel the connection during the process, I highly recommend her services, she is very professional and a joy to interact with.-William

SisSTAR You Did Great. You Reassured Me That The Path Im Taking Is A Righteous One. I Enjoyed It Very Much And Appreciate You LOVE. I Will Definitely Pay For Many More Readings. You Did A Awesome Job, Thank You. heart emoticon-Diamond

Whoa, that was more intense for me than the first one. Physically, I'm fine. But my mind is kind of cloudy. I thoroughly enjoyed my training. Especially, the clarity I received as I progressed through each level.

Thank you so much!!! -GODDESS

I really enjoyed my reading, I received some very insightful information, I rate my reading as a 10 on a scale from 1 to 10, thank you again Amirah Kweli- Tasha

I never knew I was until I spoke with ASK. I started with readings from her. She told me that I needed to clear my chakras, which I did with her.  I wanted to know how to do on my own and Reiki Healing. The class was very useful and I learned many tools from her. She did not discriminate against me, because I had many people who did. She was very nice and always answered my texts, emails, and phone calls. She shared with me many things to make my experience better with my own clients. I am actually a Registered Nurse. Her classes were so inexpensive. WOW!!! Best experience.- DeAun

In 2012 I was shoot 7 times in the legs sidearms a knee I wake up in pain every day from my burning wounds barely can walk so on August 7th I ran into amirah she was telling me away should heal me just being a typical person I didn't believe she did what she did an amazingly unbelievable my body was healed since August 7th I have not felt any more pain I wake up to no pain I sleep well at night the healing she gave me really worked thanks-Bilal Scharkley

Amirah Sankofa Kweli everything u have spoken over me I see it all of it has come to pass keep me on my knees praying for grace praying for protection I just want to say thank u for UR words ‪#‎Prophetical‬ words Glory to the highest God. -keema

My sistar Amirah Sankofa Kweli has me in tears with her reading on my love life. I highly recommend you all seek her out for guidance in love, spirituality, work, and more. ‪#‎Thank‬ u- T.

Sis, u r AMAZING and your reading was right on target. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I can rest assure that the universe will align all my desires in order. Thank u so much for your time and divine work!- ANGELA J

Thank you so much! You are always on point. You always tell me exactly how I feel! When I read your message my face fills with tears because you feel my hurt. You are awesome and your work is amazing!!!! - Nicky W.

Amirah Sankofa Kweli just read my runes...
She was very professional, direct, and to the point...
She was very accurate and did an excellent job...
I would recommend her to anyone seeking to have their runes read...
Her websites are easy to read even on my phone....-Virginia 

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